Thursday 29 May 2014

Light Box | ArchitectureAU

In the world of Architecture and Interior Design so often the appeal of the new and bold often overshadows a space that is 'people' friendly.

I think this rather radical extension in Melbourne answers both quite easily.  Although it would take a little while to get used to being able to see up through the ceiling and into the second storey.

Light Box | ArchitectureAU

It also is a great example of a modern minimalist interior and how it works in with your own personality.

Friday 21 February 2014

Time to Sell!

Recent clients from Bulimba decided to throw a curve ball part way through their renovations.  Originally contacting us to assist with the renovations of their apartment in Bulimba after some water damage was repaired.

As always, during the initial consultation, we discussed the long term plans and they let me know they were probably going to sell in a couple of years, but wanted to enjoy their newly decorated home in the meantime.  Something we decorators need to know when planning the re-design.

So it started.  The overall scheme was selected taking into consideration the timber floors and four favourite photographs.  The photographs were of a glacier in Alaska taken whilst on a vacation.  Now taking pride of place in the dining room.

Lexicon White walls with half strength ceilings.  All the trims painted the same tint to keep the clean, uninterrupted lines.  This cool white was used to help offset the warmth from the timber floors.

As the kitchen was in great shape all that was required was a replacement benchtop from the original dark blue laminate to a new pale grey granite.  Thus bringing this unit up to the same standard as the rest in the complex.

The curve ball then arrived.  In one week the clients went from not selling to wanting the place on the market and sold within a couple of months.  Luckily all that was required to do so was the final dressing, styling and photography and then the detailed list of how to dress the apartment for the real estate inspections.

The view encompassing the river and city didn't need any enhancing, just dressing up the large balcony to make it an inviting and relaxing space.

As well as the new carpet that was laid through the three bedrooms, new placement of artworks and a couple of new cushions and the bedrooms were done!

The end result?  The owners were able to travel while their home was on the market as the styling was done and the realtor know how to best show the property.  

The only downside being they were unable to enjoy their renovations for very long...

Sunday 2 February 2014

It's been awhile...

It's been awhile since I last posted here, but that doesn't mean that things haven't been happening in the world of Gem'Appelle Designs.  Here is a little of what has been going on for the past year...

Probably the main part of the year has been taken up with the development and implementation of the 'Art & Design Precinct'.  This is the art gallery that I have started.  It is located in an old warehouse in West End, down near the river.  It all came about after a discussion with artist Michelle Bowden and how we could work with local artists in hiring art when Dressing Homes for Sale.

In line with the gallery, our office has now taken up residency within this space.  We have slowly been moving out of the Party-plan retail scene while building a permanent retail outlet here.  Our products are displayed on the shelves and are available as you buy them.  We still have the range of Logan and Mason Linen, Canningvale Towels, Cushions, Serenity candles and more.  As there are also other small businesses having their products available, we can offer a wider and more diverse range and assistance with tying the whole look together.

Over the past couple of years I have also undergone training with John Cunningham in Kitchen Design.  Hence the brand new Kitchen showroom also within the Art Gallery.  We can now design and supply your dream kitchen, unique to your requirements.  It doesn't stop there though.  Don't forget your bathrooms, laundry's, wardrobes and more with access to a Brisbane cabinet maker for the supply of the cabinets we are able to design for all of your cabinet needs.

With the Art Gallery being open 6 days a week, closed Mondays, there is no excuse not to drop in, grab a coffee or cold drink and have a chat about your next renovation project and how we can help you.

Talk soon...


Saturday 28 April 2012

Autumn/Winter Linen

Here are the latest linen designs for Autumn and Winter 2012.  We do have other designs available on our website

They are all Quilt Cover Sets, which include the Quilt Cover, and one Standard Pillowcase (Single) and two Standard Pillowcases (Double, Queen, King and Super King).  The Standard Pillowcases (pair) are also available separately.

In some of the designs there are other accessories available, eg European Pillowcases, Long and Square Cushions that are of the same design.  Most of the pictures also includes the standard accessories available such as bed throws, coverlets, cushions etc.

For sizing, pricing, ordering, delivery or any other questions, please contact us via email .


Ashara Blue

Batik Cinnamon

Blake Bronze

Bronson black

Calais Stone

Cheltenham Charcoal

Cheltenham Linen

Cooper White

Essex Linen

Fifi Shell

Garland Ivory

Grace Pearl

Isadora Silver

Kasbah Black

Kashmir Charcoal

Kashmir Silver

Lauren Black

Lawson Ink

Linea Black

Mia Candy

Mia White

Pandora White

Phoebe Leaf

Rialto Black

Saxon Pewter

Sebastian Purple

Shalimar Black

Shoji Linen

Sury Navy

Sweethearts Linen

Tilly Gelato

Twilight Taupe

Tyson Navy

Yolanda Charcoal

Yolanda White

Zambia Black

Tuesday 17 April 2012

A recent renovation project

When the kitchen appliances started to need replacing in this home, the owners thought they would like to take this opportunity to bring the central hub of their home up to date.  Originally built in the 1980's the house had large expanses of exposed brick walls throughout with steeply raked timber and exposed beam ceilings.  The kitchen was also in shades of blue laminate and timber trim.  This was tied together with beige carpets and cork tiles.

The original exposed brickwork .

The central hub included the formal living and dining rooms, entry hall, kitchen, family room and office.  The office was the only truly separate room in this space, which was one of the things to be tackled first.  With the walls to this room gone it is now incorporated into the rest of the space.  This was located to the right of the fireplace and is now included within the 'great' room.
The new family room without the office
Step two in the scheme was to organise the layout of the new kitchen.  The kitchen brief from the clients was to increase the storage and create an open, flow through area.  Originally a u-shape with the benchtop following the lines of the bay window meant the usable storage of the kitchen wasn't all that great.  By leaving the main l-shape and replacing the other run of cabinets with an island has achieved an open space that flows.

The new kitchen viewed from the family room
The back wall of the kitchen now houses the two pantries, one at each end, a wall oven and microwave tower, the cooktop and refrigerator.  To help with the storage, both pantries have been fitted with internal drawers, bringing everything within easy reach.  Spice racks are located in the drawers under the cooktop.
The new kitchen back wall

The main l-shape of the kitchen is now a continuous  bench with soft-close drawers and a run of overhead cupboards.  The cupboards under the sink now branch off at 90 degrees rather than following the angles of the bay window. 
L-shape kitchen bench
Quite often it is all the little details added in to the design that help make the space usable and the overall design.  We have tied the whole look together with the Jarrah flooring, the black glass splashbacks.  These are added to with the black powerpoints and the inclusion of the pull-up powerpoints in the island bench.

Power points to match the splashback
Pull-up powerpoint

The previous living and dining areas have been retained but updated with new charcoal carpeting.

The dining and living area
The lighting consultant designed the lighting of the whole area, taking into consideration the overall size of the space, how the spaces were utilised and the amount of light required.  The look is created through industrial led lights installed in the ceiling and various powerpoints connected to the light switches for lamps and the delicate yet modern pendant hung above the dining table.
Close-up of the dining room pendant
The original exposed brick fireplace with timber mantle has been brought up to date with the removal of the mantle.  The brickwork was then rendered and painted a contrasting charcoal.  Finished off with flush mounted black granite floor tiles as the new hearth.
Detail of the enclosed fireplace and hearth
Other aspects of the work done included re-lining the exposed timber and rafter ceiling and re-lining the exposed brickwork with plasterboard.  This was all then painted to modernise and brighten this space.

Please feel free to post your comments below, or contact us to see how we can help you achieve great results for your home.